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Houdini Scene (hip) | Abstract Particles + Free Tutorial

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This package contains 2 Houdini source files (.hiplc) -  related to the techniques that we cover up in the free tutorial .

Link to the tutorial:

By purchasing the source files, you can very quickly adapt the setup presented to create completely different looks and variations or you can use some already made nodes in other scenes.

you need to re-cache the particles on your machine. Would have been too heavy to add them into the archive.

We covered topics such as:

Creating a random emitter for our particles, simple pop net simulation with several forces applied, caching and post processing the simulation, adding extra post-sim attribute that drive shaders in Redshift, working with camera, focus rig, volumetric lighting and Redshift + Altus denoiser render settings.

Extra assets used:

Yan Studio - RS Proxy Utility:
Dyne Studio - dy Focal Point: Dyne Studio -

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2xHoudini source files (.hiplc) - related to the techniques covered up in the tutorial "Abstract Particles in Houdini and Redshift".

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Houdini Scene (hip) | Abstract Particles + Free Tutorial

3 ratings
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