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Studio LookDev Rig for Houdini/Solaris - Karma & Redshift Compatible

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Current version: 1.0 (last update 25 July 2023);

Tested with: Houdini 19.5.605 + Redshift 3.5.16;

Save time and energy with an easy-to-use rig that simplifies the process of creating stunning studio-like renders.

Specially designed for Houdini Solaris/LOPs, and seamlessly compatible with Karma & Redshift renderers, the asset allows you to have full control over the backdrop's appearance with an array of adjustable parameters.

What you will get:

  • Houdini Digital Asset;
  • Sample Scene file (.hiplc);
  • 1x studio light setup;
  • Usage tutorial - coming soon on my YouTube Channel;


  • Custom Size & Bevel
  • Redshift & Karma Compatibility
  • Auto Align
  • Custom Color & Roughness
  • Basic Lighting Setup Included
  • Diffuse & Chrome Balls

Future developments:

  • Suport for Arnold Render;
  • Adding more functionality to the backdrop;
  • Adding compatibility with “obj” context;
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Houdini Digital Asset file containing Studio Look Dev Rig for LOPs/Solaris. Compatible with Karma & Redshift

Custom Size & Bevel
Tailor your backdrop to fit any project with intuitive custom size and bevel options;
Auto Align
ensures that your backdrop aligns to the ground and center of the scene while resizing (option can be disabled);
Custom Color & Roughness
Set the mood just right by choosing your backdrop's color and roughness to match the desired look;
Redshift & Karma Compatibility
Whether you prefer Redshift or Karma, the backdrop rig integrates seamlessly with both renderers, granting you the freedom to choose the rendering engine that best suits your project's needs.
Basic Lighting Setup Included
Lighting is the key to achieving realistic and captivating renders. You'll find inside the scene, a basic lighting setup that provides the ideal foundation for your scenes, allowing you to focus on the finer details of your work.
Diffuse & Chrome Balls
Fine-tune your reflections and highlights effortlessly with the included diffuse and chrome spheres.
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Studio LookDev Rig for Houdini/Solaris - Karma & Redshift Compatible

5 ratings
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