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Houdini Scene (hip) | Vellum cloth using Solaris & Redshift

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You will receive 1 x Houdini source file (.hiplc) + light textures, saving you valuable time while enhancing your learning experience and enables you to use the Solaris scene or Cloth sim for your own projects.

Free tutorial coming soon.

With the vellum and studio setup presented, you can effortlessly create a wide variety of unique looks and variations to suit your personal or commercial projects. Use the pre-made cloth simulation and solaris nodes to save time.

You will also support my work so I can create more content in the future :)

Important: you need to re-cache the "sim" on your machine. Would have been too heavy to add them into the archive. 

Throughout the project, we explored various topics including:

  • Studio scene creation in Solaris/LOPS
  • Vellum Cloth simulation with retiming
  • Redshift texturing & lighting using the light mixer
  • Multiple camera angles and custom lights/shot using Solaris multishot workflow
  • Custom Redshift AOV’s

Extra assets used:

Studio Look Dev Rig -

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Houdini Digital Asset file containing 1x Houdini/Solaris multishot studio scene + vellum cloth sim

Studio scene creation in Solaris/LOPS:
Building virtual scenes using Solaris' LOPs in Houdini for procedural scene management.
Vellum Cloth simulation + retiming:
Creating slow-mo cloth simulation with Houdini's Vellum solver.
Redshift texturing & lighting using the light mixer:
Use Redshift for 3D texturing and lighting, and the light mixer for interactive light adjustments.
Multiple camera angles using Solaris multishot workflow:
Managing multiple camera angles and lighting setups in one project using Solaris' multishot workflow.
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Houdini Scene (hip) | Vellum cloth using Solaris & Redshift

0 ratings
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